Brand Experience Platform

The brand experience trinity of content, signal, and channel, and the brand idea as the central element of the brand experience platform

Brand Experience Platform

Content is communicated over channels by means of signals

Brand Experience Platform

The significance of the brand for internal and external reference groups

Brand Experience Platform

The brand experience platform is the basis for managing the brand experience

For a brand to unlock its power as a guiding light, it must be defined engagingly and intelligibly. Those responsible for a brand must make certain that their brand’s definition isn’t whitewashed, and that the brand’s model isn’t filled in with generic strokes. However, at the same time, a brand’s definition shouldn’t be overburdened and over-complicated, made too abstract, out of a desire to stand out. Brand definitions and models only make sense when they contain or make possible “big ideas.”

Our brand model is the “Brand Experience Platform.” The brand experience trinity of content, signal, and channel is defined within this. A brand is experienced across a variety of channels. A brand’s content and signals are communicated over these channels. Through this “brand experience trinity” of content, signal, and channel, brand experience can be controlled at a specific touch point – and the entire brand experience can be controlled remotely at all touch points.

The contents of a brand are the substantial services that a brand provides (What does a brand stand for? What does it offer?) and are differentiated by (hard) factual brand services and (soft) brand values and qualities.

The signal describes the (multi-sensory) presentation of a brand (How does a brand manifest itself? What unambiguous features make it distinctive?). The signals that operate at a point of contact are not only of a formal nature – things like logos, color codes, and other design elements – but are even more signals that have an effect on all senses.

The third constituent of brand experience is the channel. This describes the transmission medium for the contents and signal of a brand (What medium does the brand use?) and influences how, when, where, and under what conditions a brand experience takes place. Content, signal, and channel form an inseparable trinity.

The central core of a brand is described in the brand idea. Here, it’s about more than a positioning statement. It’s about the really “big” idea behind it, the idea describing the brand’s meaningfulness and reason for existence, the grand idea or the big thoughts.

On the basis of this, one can develop concrete implementations for individual reference groups at different touch points.