Transformation became an essential prerequisite for companies. The ability to transform in a holistic way is the key to future success. Especially today, in eventful times characterized by political and economic changes, where companies face new challenges from changing market conditions, digitalization, new technologies, new customer needs and new competitors.

We believe that the power for successful transformation, to a great extent, originates from the brand itself. The brand has a leading role internally and helps to spark enthusiasm externally. At the same time the brand is the center point of the organisation and business model.

We call this brand-centric approach Transformational Branding.

For the first time we organized our Friends of Brands Club together with four top quality partners – hy!, ESCP, Kienbaum and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – in ordert o highlight various aspects of transformation.

Transformational Branding – the power of brands for the future success of companies
Marc Sasserath, Founder and CEO of Sasserath Munzinger Plus GmbH

Say hy! to digital transformation
Lars Zimmermann, CEO of hy!

Consorsbank! – „Banking, wie wir leben.“
Claudia Barghoorn, Director, Consorsbank

Sofa-Talk „People & Culture“
Transformation with and for humans.
In discussion: Prof. Dr. Marion Festing (Rector, ESCP Europe Berlin), Hans Ochmann (CEO, Kienbaum), Oliver Janik (Chief People Officer, DDB Group Germany), Robin Eric Haak (Founder/Managing Director & COO,

Panel discussion “Organization & Processes”
The transformed Organization – agile, collaborative, co-creative?
In discussion: Dr. Karoline Haderer (Marketing Manager, NÜRNBERGER Versicherung), Britta Poetzsch (Global Creative Director, Ogilvy), Lars Kirschke (CEO, MEC), Jessica Peppel-Schulz (CEO, UDG United Digital Group)

Outlook „Transformational Branding“:
What’s next?
Marc Sasserath, Founder and CEO of Sasserath Munzinger Plus GmbH