Knowledge is our capital. Always getting better is the nucleus of our culture.

Intelligence is our capital; paired with knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and creative strength, this drives our success. Always getting better is the nucleus of our culture, and we support and cultivate this spirit of “always wanting to be better” wherever we can. This is because brands and people can only be understood within their contexts, and the world in which we live is always changing. And we want to occupy a leading position in our market.

Our culture of learning and being interested manifests itself in three realms:

Through research, studies, and expert panels, we continually engage with new issues pertaining to brands, people, and their ties to the social context.

In the framework of our varied engagements with colleges and universities, we maintain close contact with scholarship and contemporary research and, for our part, contribute to conveying the significance of branding for various realms – for example, through our engagements with the Universität der Künste Berlin, the Leipzig Graduate School of Management, the Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance, the Miami Ad School, and others.

And we also implement our rigorous approach internally, as: SM+ goes to school!

Since its founding in 2008, Sasserath Munzinger Plus has gone to school: regularly, on a weekly basis, together – this means everyone, from partners, to Brand Consultants, to interns. To do this, we might invite as a guest an external consultant from another field or discipline, such as the sciences or the arts, or invite one of our customers, or a potential partner. Or we share knowledge with one another, exchange interesting projects and customers, learning from the experiences of others and reporting to one another about events, seminars, and congresses that we may have visited in the context of our own learning program.

The intense mutual discussions about a variety of issues enable us to constantly expand our knowledge, and, moreover, it endows us our identity. In addition to this, it helps us meet people from other disciplines, and engaging with people sharing a similar spectrum of skills enables us to recognize new ideas and opportunities, and continually expand our network.

We lead by virtue of a culture of learning.