Knowledge is our capital. Always getting better is the nucleus of our culture.

Intelligence is our capital; paired with knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and creative strength, this drives our success. Always getting better is the nucleus of our culture, and we support and cultivate this spirit of “always wanting to be better” wherever we can. This is because brands and people can only be understood within their contexts, and the world in which we live is always changing. And we want to occupy a leading position in our market.

Our culture of learning and being interested manifests itself in three realms:

Through research, studies, and expert panels, we continually engage with new issues pertaining to brands, people, and their ties to the social context.

In the framework of our varied engagements with colleges and universities, we maintain close contact with scholarship and contemporary research and, for our part, contribute to conveying the significance of branding for various realms – for example, through our engagements with the Universität der Künste Berlin, the Leipzig Graduate School of Management, the Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance, the Miami Ad School, and others.

And we also implement our rigorous approach internally, as: SM+ goes to school!

Since its founding in 2008, Sasserath Munzinger Plus has gone to school: regularly, on a weekly basis, together – this means everyone, from partners, to Brand Consultants, to interns. To do this, we might invite as a guest an external consultant from another field or discipline, such as the sciences or the arts, or invite one of our customers, or a potential partner. Or we share knowledge with one another, exchange interesting projects and customers, learning from the experiences of others and reporting to one another about events, seminars, and congresses that we may have visited in the context of our own learning program.

The intense mutual discussions about a variety of issues enable us to constantly expand our knowledge, and, moreover, it endows us our identity. In addition to this, it helps us meet people from other disciplines, and engaging with people sharing a similar spectrum of skills enables us to recognize new ideas and opportunities, and continually expand our network.

We lead by virtue of a culture of learning.

Here a selection from our list of references:


Anja Adler, Communications and Social Media Consultant

Markus Albers, Partner, rethink GmbH

Imran Ayata, Managing Partner at the communications agency A&B One

Ludger Baba, Owner, empirica AG

Prof. Dr. Andreas Baetzgen, Professor for Corporate Communication and Branding, Stuttgart Media University

Michael Bahles, Head of Insight Planning OMD

Erwin Bakker, CFO, Hirschen Group

Stephan Balzer, TEDx European Ambassador and CEO, red onion GmbH

Claudia Barghoorn, Director Marketing & Communications, Consorsbank

Dr. Florian Bauer, Board of Vocatus AG

Till Behnke, Chairman of the Board, gAG, Partner at gAG, and founder of

Torsten Bergler, Founder, NoMoreSleep

Ludwig Berndl, Creative Director

Dr. Wolf von Bernuth, Attorney and Partner of the office specialized exclusively in economic law, Mäger von Bernuth

Alexander Biesalski, Partner, B.R. Brand Rating GmbH

Jacob Bilabel, Managing Director, Thema1 GmbH

Nancy Birkhölzer, Partner & Managing Director, IxDS – Interaction Design Studios GmbH

Matthias Bonjer, Owner, Zucker.Kommunikations GmbH

Christoph Bornschein, Founder and CEO, TLGG

Fabian Brandt, CEO, fischerAppelt profiling

Dr. Joana Breidenbach, Partner, gAG, Co-Founder,

Prof. Dr. Stephan Breidenbach, Initiator of Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance and Mediator

Dennis Buchmann, “Top Swine” of

Dajana Bussieweke, Head of CRM, mymuesli GmbH

Jeanne Carré und Eva Caspary, Founder and CEO, insight europe international marketing research & consulting GmbH

Eva Caspary, Founder and CEO, insight europe international marketing research & consulting GmbH

Russel Davies, Planning Icon

Wolfgang Dittrich, CEO, d.core

Prof. Dr. Marc Drüner, Managing Partner and Founder, Trommsdorff+Drüner

Cem Ergün-Müller, Head of Communications, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

Cedric Ebener, CEO, CE+Co GmbH

Lothar Eckstein, Managing Director, Mixed Zone GmbH

Frederik Frede, Founder, NoMoreSleep

Conrad Fritzsch, CEO,

Michael Funk, Creative Director

Dr. Caren N. Genthner-Kappesz, COO, brands4friends

Freek Gille, Product Manager, *bliep

Angela Grammatikos, Head of Member Service, Markenverband e.V. und Geschäftsführerin, MARKENARTIKEL Service GmbH

Prof. Dr. Martin Grothe, CEO, complexium GmbH

Gregor Gründgens, Director Brand & Marketing Communications, Vodafone

Sebastian Haupt, Project Executive, H.T.P concept Gesellschaft für Marketingforschung mbH

PD Dr. Kai-Uwe Hellmann, Brand Sociologist

Andrea Hermann, Head of Communication, Customer Council, DB Vertrieb GmbH

Dr. Rupert Hofmann, Project Lead Trend Research, Audi mobility innovations

Andreas Houf, Sales Division Head, Deutscher Ring Versicherungen

Christian Humborg, CEO, Transparency International Deutschland

Dr. Barbara Hüppe, Head of European Communications, Mozilla

Dr. Kay Iversen, CEO, Market Logic Software AG

Tony Kappesz, CEO, Commandante Berlin GmbH

Tino Keller, CEO and Founder, spickmich

Tobias Kempermann, Head EWE-Representative, Berlin

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Peter Kenning, Chair of Marketing, Zeppelin Universität

Peter Kirn, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher,

Marcel Kloppenburg, Concept and Production Director Sound Branding MetaDesign

Peter Klotzki, GF Kommunikation, Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger – VDZ

Manfred Kluge, CEO OmnicomMediaGroup Germany GmbH

Björn Krämer, Senior Manager Mobile Marketing, YOC AG

Anne-Kathrin Kuhlemann, CEO, Konvergenta InterZero GmbH

Martin Kupp, Professor in Entrepreneurship and Director of Research, ESCP Europe

Tom Laband, Director Mobile Marketing YOC AG

Julia Leihener, Service Designer, Creation Center der T-Labs, Berlin

Hannes Ley, Managing Director, THE MAIN GmbH

Simon Mathews, Founding Partner, Polestar Communication

Sven Massaneck, Managing Partner – CEO This is! DMG

Otto Meckenstock, Media Consultant

Michael Meeske, CEO, FC St. Pauli

Sabine Menzel, Market Research Director, Global Insight Generation, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Dr. Oliver Merkel, Partner Roland Berger

Guido Modenbach, Executive Board, SevenOne Media AG

Holm Münstermann, General Manager Digital Marketing, Axel Springer Media Impact

Martin Nachbar, Dancer and Choreographer

Bernd Neff, Executive Vice President, United Visions GmbH

Petra Nöding, Owner, con.sentio – Systemische Beratung und Entwicklung

Tosson El Noshokaty, Director/Associate Partner, Prophet

Dr. Martin Oetting, Partner and Head of Research, trnd AG

Dr. Shamsey Oloko, Managing Director, Kaiorize GmbH

Florian Petri, Industrial Designer, FPID

Ulrich Pietsch, department one GmbH

Dag Piper, Director Sensory & Consumer Science, Symrise

Hans Raffauf, Co-Founder, Palomar5 e.V.

Ralph Riecke, Senior Investment Manager at hub:raum, Incubator of Deutsche Telekom AG

Martin Ruppmann, CEO, Markenverband

Wigan Salazar, CEO, MS&L Group Germany

Oliver Schieleit, Senior Project Director

Prof. Dr. Dr. Schildhauer, Founder and Scientific Director of the Institute of Electronic Business e. V.

Karl Matthäus Schmidt, Founder and Chairman, quirin bank

Stefan Oliver Schmidt, Chief Creative Officer, TBWA Germany Creative at large, Europe

Bettine Schmitz, Director Portfolio Development, Axel Springer Plug & Play

Dr. Ulrich Schmitz, CTO Electronic Media at Axel Springer

Prof. Dr. Bernd Schubert, Professor for Marketing, Hochschule Harz

Klaus-Peter Schulz, Orca im Hafen KG

Gesine Schwan, President, Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance

Nik Schweiger, CEO, biorhythm – modern recreation GmbH

Jan Schwochow, CEO, Golden Section Graphics GmbH

Alexander Seebach, Head of Product & Market Management, E.ON Metering GmbH

Daniel Setzermann, Head of Marketing, mymuesli GmbH

Vasco Sommer-Nunes, Managing Director, mokono GmbH

Dr. Mark Speich, CEO, Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland

Dr. Christiane Springer, Handelshochschule Leipzig

Steffen Stäuber, LHBS Consulting

Sven von Thülen, music journalist and techno expert

Jannis Tsalikis, Head of Human Resources, MSLGROUP Germany GmbH

Jörg Rosenbauer, CEO, TheConsumerView

Bastian Unterberg, Founder and CEO, Jovoto GmbH

Horst Wagner, Chairman & COO, Pixelpark AG

Jesper Wahrendorf, CEO bei RatePay

Volker Wefelmeier, Premiumprodukte WAZ Mediengruppe

Carl-Frank Westermann, CEO, WESOUND GmbH

Marlene Wiegreffe, Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH

Michael Willeke, Director Marketing Communications, Coca-Cola

Alexander Wodrich, Head of Sound Branding

Thomas Zorbach, CEO, vm-people