We practice flexible working, can individually pursue further education,
and we enjoy the autonomy
of an owner-managed, well-connected consultancy.

We are interested in analytical and creative thinkers,
in people passionately interested in brands and people
and those who deem a good working culture important.
SM+ macht Schule!
We consider ourselves a learning organisation.
We want to learn from each other, learn together, and learn from others.
That’s why we have a weekly ‘school lesson’, called “SM+ macht Schule!”
Flexible working
The people who work at SM+ have many different interests, passions and needs. Flexible working makes it possible to combine all of these.
Continued education
We allow for individually suited forms of further education,
which not only benefit the individual,
but also help to advance the organisation as a whole.
Current openings
    Unsolicited application
    Being able to see opportunities is what we’re all about.
    This applies not only to brands, but also to people.
    That’s why we are always happy to receive unsolicited applications.