The people who work at SM+ have many different interests, passions and needs. Flexible working makes it possible to combine all of these.

Flexible working

At SM+ we have people with many different interests, passions and needs who pursue their own projects and goals in addition to their consulting work. We work full-time and part-time, bring the children to school before work, go to lectures, work from home, on the plane, in the train, at the café, or on the way to the next appointment.

Our clients don’t notice this – we are flexible and willing to compromise on how the work gets done, but not on what gets done. No matter where or when we work, we all pull together to achieve the best possible result. Personal responsibility and trust are essential for our cooperation.


“Flexible working contributes significantly to reduced stress and helps me to do justice to both worlds, my children and work.” – Anita

“I think the flexible working hours are great, because I am a morning person and can start the working day earlier than my colleagues.” – Oli S.