We ensure organisations' relationship skills and long-term viability.

Our beliefs

We believe in working together and for each other. Internal integrity is just as important as external autonomy for any company. Our daily work is guided by the desire to have a positive culture, respectful, appreciative and trusting.

We are all united by the desire to learn every day. It makes us an evolutionary organisation, constantly developing and providing opportunities for individual growth. Our office would be unimaginable without colourful post-its on the walls – a place where people think, debate and work passionately.

We deliver premium results for our clients, behind which we stand 100 percent. This calls for dedication, the ability to see opportunities and the absolute willingness to assume responsibility. It requires an intelligent, passionate and enthusiastic team. It also needs a strong network of extraordinary partners and sister companies that flexibly strengthens and complements us.

The people behind Sasserath Munzinger Plus:

  • Marc Sasserath
  • Anita Lotterschmid
    Director People & Operations
  • Susa Oemus
    Partner & Director Content & Social
  • Oliver Köllner
  • Viktoria Bossung
    Director Communications Consulting
  • Oliver Cholotta
    Senior Manager Culture & Operations
  • Sina Frank
    Senior Brand Consultant
  • Sabine Paletta
    Senior Brand Consultant
  • Oliver Scheunemann
    Director Research & Intelligence
  • Nikolas Mausolff
    Senior Brand Consultant
  • Liv Thürer
    Senior Brand Consultant
  • Carolin Schönemann
    Brand Consultant