An exclusive platform connecting people and organisations.

The Club der Markenfreunde

The Club der Markenfreunde connects people and organisations close to Sasserath Munzinger Plus and establishes an exclusive and regular platform to debate brand-relevant topics.

We want to work at the interface of people and brands and this also where the annual Club der Markenfreunde event takes place. As far back as January 2009, Sasserath Munzinger Plus has been inviting people to participate in exchanging views about brands, innovation and the industry’s large meta-issues concerning power, freedom, digitisation and transformation.

High-calibre speakers provide inspiring visions and we offer insights into our brand consulting work. We seek real-world, practical answers, contemplate theoretical issues and spend an inspiring evening with people who share our passion for brands. Many of them have been with us for years, they are clients, partners, our advisory board, friends of the company, decision-makers from industry and academia, journalists, and guests from arts & culture.

The Club der Markenfreunde Salon

Like its established big brother, the Salon sees itself as an exclusive and regular platform for discussing brand-related topics, albeit in a smaller, more intimate setting.

At a joint dinner, a guest speaker shares his or her perspectives on current topics. The dinner guests engage in a lively, in-depth discussion. Because the Salon is smaller and more personal, this new format emphasises dialogue and in-depth debate.

The most recent Club der Markenfreunde event focused on Transformational Branding again, but it had a different approach and explored the following:

How does business transformation actually change the concept of brand?
We dealt with markets and companies that (had to) radically change and discussed which new demands on brand, brand architecture and brand management would arise from this.
Markets that change radically often do so due to the impact of platforms. In this context, the question arose to what extent the management of platform brands actually differed from that of “conventional” corporate and product brands. We investigated  this question in a small study, which we presented at the Club der Markenfreunde.

Speakers and panel guests:

  • Pater Justinus Pech, Wirtschaftsethiker
  • Christiane Arp, Editor-in-Chief, Vogue
  • Thorsten Scheib, Marketing Director, Philip Morris
  • Kai Herzberger, EMEA Group Director E-Commerce, Facebook
  • Falk Bothe, Director Digital Transformation Office, Volkswagen AG
  • Martin Akar, Manager, MHP
  • Dr. Katharina Hölck, Manager, MHP
  • Nina Reicke, geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin, Sasserath Munzinger Plus
  • Anna Lüders, Senior Brand Consultant, Sasserath Munzinger Plus

The subject of our 11th Club der Markenfreunde event was “Transformational Branding”. With numerous speakers and interview guests we discussed the approaches applied to shape change in companies and to mobilise employees. We focused on two topics, the design of new platforms and structures and the importance of people and culture.

Our speakers this year:


This was the 11th Club der Markenfreunde!

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Photos: Sebastian Gabsch – 0176-26487275 and Daniel Hinz