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An organisation’s capability for innovation is a deciding factor in its ability to survive and secure its future.

Identity as a driver of innovation

An organisation’s identity exerts an especially great influence on innovation efforts, both on their direction and intensity.

Identity and innovation are often seen as conflicting areas. While innovation deals with something new and therefore, to a certain extent, with change, the focus of an organisation’s identity is often placed on its guiding and stabilising function.

However, when used properly and channelled appropriately, these apparent contradictions can positively influence each other and unleash the full potential. Only those who recognise identity as an integral part of innovation can unlock the innovation capability in an organisation, steer it and tap its full potential.

The brand is the tool to utilise identity for innovation

As the representation of an organisation’s identity and a tool to steer strategy, the brand can help to bring the organisational identity to life, allow it to be analysed and strategically developed. With this, essential prerequisites are met for the targeted integration of identity into the innovation process – initially as a guide and orientation help, then as a source of inspiration, and finally as a filter and control tool.

Innovation requires space and a narrative

We believe that innovation is generally possible in all kinds of organisations – from startups to traditional, established companies or large corporations. It helps if temporary or long-term interdisciplinary units are formed, the space needed for creative innovative work is provided, and the organisation shows itself amenable to innovation. The required space can be set up by furnishing clear rules and an iterative process which combines understanding, experimentation and learning and starts with a conscious and goal-oriented examination of one’s own identity through the brand.

The work doesn’t end here though. Implementation often proves to be the much greater challenge. Favourable conditions have to be created within the company that require a sound rationale to engage and convince the relevant stakeholders.

A viable and adaptable innovation process will thus ideally imply an already coherent narrative that highlights the need and benefit of the innovation and reveals the path to implementation.

Innovation requires openness and connectedness

Beyond internal change processes, the innovative power of organisations can only unfold if they also open themselves externally in the form of networking, partnerships and a constant cross-sectoral exchange between old and new players.

As brand experts and part of the Berlin startup ecosystem, we have a keen entrepreneurial sense and our clients include corporations, traditional family-owned companies, and startups. We facilitate innovation not only by planning and managing identity-based, innovative, and creative processes, but also by actively contributing to networking the various players and promoting exchange between them.

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