Brands have the unique power to provide support and enable change.

Transformational Branding

The ability of a company to change has always been vital to its survival and crucial to its success. However, digitisation has made conditions more challenging. Never was the need to transform greater and the risk of failure higher.

Still, about 70 to 80 percent of all transformation efforts fail or are only partially successful.

If transformation is understood as merely the implementation of new tools, technologies and data systems, its success will be limited. Transformation goes much further and is much more comprehensive – it requires a profound change in the way organisations and their stakeholder groups think and interact.

In view of these major challenges, the brand plays a critical role in the success of transformation – because it is through brands that organisations can connect to people. At the same time, because they represent an organisation’s identity and purpose, brands have the unique power to not only enable, but also support change.

Based on one of the best known and most fundamental change management models of Kurt Lewin from the 1940s, and its further development by John P. Kotter in the 1990s and by Wilfried Krüger in 2002, we worked out the specific role of the brand at each step in a 5-step transformation process.

Although a brand is first and foremost a leadership tool and can have a particularly strong influence on the development of culture, its potential sphere of influence also extends directly and indirectly to the development of strategy and even to the design and management of processes, structures and systems.
Essentially, a brand is thus relevant along the entire journey and across all transformation-relevant dimensions and can contribute substantially to success.

Companies in Germany in transition: Around 83 percent of German companies are currently undergoing transformation, as revealed by the first representative online survey on transformational branding. Find out more about the results here!